Saturday, 26 May 2018

Ankara styles for pregnant women - Things you need to know

Pregnant women's fashion scene expresses different perspectives on emerging fashion and lifestyle

On Saturday, a group of pregnant women in New Nyanya and Mararaba districts of Karu, Nasarawa State, expressed their views on fashion trends and lifestyles.

They described their clothes during pregnancy and they needed to be comfortable and attractive. Although some people condemn certain types of clothing, such as some dresses and dresses worn by pregnant women, others infer. A housewife, Ms. Caroline Jaja, said that in the early stages of pregnancy, women chose maternity clothes such as free dresses,  T-shirts, elastic jeans and elastics and casual knit tops. She added that women in late pregnancy can wear tights made of natural materials, high-waisted dresses and overalls. “Women also want to look fashionable during pregnancy; for me, I always wear leggings made of soft fabric or maternity trousers, which have no zipper and have a big top. , or chest cuts. "Now I am pregnant and I can hardly wear a bra. This is also to avoid heartburn, which may cause me to suffer severe pain. "Now I am pregnant for six months. I hardly wear pants because I do experience pain; I don't know if I'm fat, but I prefer to wear boxers." In fact, pregnancy comes entirely from another lifestyle. Changes in the body system, nighttime insomnia, lower back pain and heartburn, but depending on the individual, "she said. For a lawyer and a pregnant woman, Ms. Silva Onyeka, a woman who has become accustomed to fashionable women finds that in pregnancy It was hard to wear during wearing. She said that instead, such a woman may continue this trend despite her pregnancy. Onyeka added that the mode of the pregnant woman depends on the underwear she wears. Like me, sometimes I will decide not to wear it. Any underwear or leotard. “Based on the fact that I sweat a lot during pregnancy, I prefer to wear clothes that expose my body; because I am pregnant, we (females) express the pride and joy of motherhood. "Although it depends on my body system at a particular stage, I can be irritated by perfume, body odor, and even food odor in the early stages of pregnancy," she said. According to Ms. Vivian Michael, real estate manager, pregnancy is one of the beautiful stages of a woman's life. Michael tells NAN that when the body experiences changes in the body, it needs soft and comfortable clothes. According to her, the best clothes for pregnant women are clothes that allow the abdomen to expand because it is essential for both mothers and babies. "When I was pregnant, I fainted a lot, however, women vomit not every pregnancy. (NAN).

source: Vanguard


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